21″ Queen Esther Doll

Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext!  Royal Reflections, Inc. 21" tall Queen Esther.    Available only by ordering online at www.turningpointthriftstore.net. #turningpointstore

Gold Overlay European Perfume Bottle

Gold Overlay Perfume Bottle European Glass 4 1/4" tall 1 1/8" base

Heading Home by Jay O’Meilia, AWS

Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext!  2002 Heading Home bronze sculpture signed by Jay O'Meilia AWS local renowned Tulsa artist.  Available only by ordering online at www.turningpointthriftstore.net.  NOTE:  The full size statue that this piece was designed after is located at the Prosperity Bank at 1330 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112. #turningpointstore

Pewter Miniature Train Collection Set (25 Piece)

$250.00Set of 25 pieces
Pewter Train Collection Set with Shelf 25pc set from various eras Most made in Malaysia Each piece has a distinct story behind it Enlarge picture for more details  

Pueblo Handmade Paper Art

Signed "Wess" (Wess Dahl-Berg FIGI) Size: 41" X 21" $180 retail

The Prince Charles Groom Doll

Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext!  Royal 19" tall on stand The Prince Charles Groom Doll.  Available only by ordering online.  See more great options available to purchase ONLINE ONLY at www.turningpointthriftstore.net. #turningpointstore
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Turning Point Thrift Store is a non-profit store located at 11403 East 19th Street in Tulsa Oklahoma.  All proceeds goes to the Loaves and Fishes ministry to help them achieve their mission of Feeding the Spirit, Soul and Body of those in need.