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Welcome to the Turning Point Thrift Store website page!  If you have never visited our store you are in for a great surprise.  Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext.  And – it may go fast once we get it.  


  1. Are you able to pick up donations. We have a resale shop we are closing some one messaged me a month or so ago I believe it was for this ministry but can’t find the message if you can pick up. Please call me at 918-944-9138 ask for Michael

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  2. Hi Steve,
    This is Bill Bowlin. I can’t get out of the house to shop due to a combination of Covid and my chemo, so I’m shopping by mail.
    I am looking for a tall office chair. I’m don’t care if it has wheels or not, just something I can use in my garage. Do you have one and if not can you keep an eye out for me. Hope all is well with your family.


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