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Welcome to the Turning Point Thrift Store website page!  If you have never visited our store you are in for a great surprise.  Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext.  And – it may go fast once we get it.  


  1. Hi Steve. Please reply with your email address. We would like to send an invitation to you to be a guest on our radio show. Thank you.
    Charlynette Kawasa
    Darryl Baskin’s Office @ eXp Realty


    • My apologizes for not responding earlier. We do not do consignments at the thrift store. All items are donated to the ministry and we sell them to raise money for the Loaves & Fishes Ministry.


  2. Are you able to pick up donations. We have a resale shop we are closing some one messaged me a month or so ago I believe it was for this ministry but can’t find the message if you can pick up. Please call me at 918-944-9138 ask for Michael

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    • This is Steve at Loaves and Fishes Turning Point Thrift Store. We are having website changes being done and I did not see your message. If you are still interested in talking with me call 918-605-3703.


  3. Hi Steve,
    This is Bill Bowlin. I can’t get out of the house to shop due to a combination of Covid and my chemo, so I’m shopping by mail.
    I am looking for a tall office chair. I’m don’t care if it has wheels or not, just something I can use in my garage. Do you have one and if not can you keep an eye out for me. Hope all is well with your family.


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