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Starting Lineup Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci Figurine and Card 1996 Edition Starting Lineup Timeless Legends 1996 Edition Kenner

The Elvis Trivia Game

Youneverknowwhatwewillgetnext!  1994 Elvis Trivia Game still in plastic wrapper unopened.  Available only by ordering online at #turningpointstore

Vintage Leather on Wood Sign

Jesus is Lord Plaque Leather embossed with wording Wood background plaque

Vintage Oriental Picture with 3 Panels

Vintage Oriental Picture with three panels Size: 22 3/4" X 19" Disintegration of fabric and discoloration in some places. Still very nice piece

Wood Plaque of Person Plowing with Oxen

Wood Carving Man plowing with Oxen or Caraboa Can be hung on wall Wood Very good condition